Expertise Plus Warranty

Expertise Plus Warranty

The Expertise Plus* warranty enhances supplier warranties on labour and specific parts. In addition, it offers a 5 year protection on the installation service.

When combined with supplier warranties, Expertise Plus* is simply THE BEST PROTECTION IN THE INDUSTRY.

*This warranty applies only to products sold with installation.

In addition to honouring its suppliers’ warranties, Expertise portes et fenêtres offers a 5-year warranty on labour for all products sold with installation and a minimum of 5 years on specific parts (article 1).

  • Exterior sealant (article 2).
  • Weatherstripping (article 3).
  • Door sweeps (article 4).
  • Electronic locks (1 year).
  • Problems with doorbells and electric strikes.
  • Mosquito net wicks.
  • Glass breakage (thermal breakage guaranteed for 1 or 2 years, depending on the manufacturer).
  • Breakage or problems resulting from negligence or misuse.
  • Products or finishes affected by the use of non-recommended products.
  • Minor scratches, slight bending of the glass or imperfections in the glass. These are natural variances in the glazing and do not alter the integrity of the structure or normal vision in any significant way. Imperfections in the glass that meet the acceptable tolerance levels of CAN/CGSB-12.3-M91 are not defects.
  • Hardware maintenance. The customer is responsible for lubricating the various mechanisms and checking the tightness of the door and window handle screws.
Warranty on products with wood components:

-For the warranty on all products with wood components to be applicable, the periodic inspection and maintenance procedure must have been rigorously followed. In addition, the general limitations and exclusions described in the manufacturers’ warranties are applicable.

Only manufacturers’ warranties apply to wood product finishes. The labour warranty is 2 years.

The customer is responsible for inspecting the sealant annually to ensure it is in good condition and reporting any problems to us as soon as they occur. Expertise cannot be held responsible for damages that annual inspections performed by the client could have avoided.

The warranty does not cover weatherstripping damaged by misuse. For example, forcing the mechanism to open a casement window after a freezing rain event can damage weather stripping.

The warranty does not cover a door sweep damaged by a kick, a shovel, or any other external event.

Warranty updated on January 15, 2023. The warranty in effect at the time of purchase applies to products sold previously.

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